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Paribus from Capital One®


Effortlessly get money back when you’re owed money.

Paribus from Capital One® proactively searches for potential savings on your previous online purchases and helps get you money back, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Paribus is an American company and creator of the price-tracking app of the same name, which syncs with a user’s email account to scan for receipts and negotiates with online companies to refund the difference if there is a price drop shortly after a purchase.


Paribus tracks online prices and contacts stores to get you paid

Stores guarantee money back when prices fall. But you have to ask. Let us do it for you, automatically

Paribus is now 100% free

Paribus will work to get you refunded when gifts come late♦

Paribus can file claims for late deliveries – automatically

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Paribus offer price adjustment, protection, and monitoring for customers. The app automatically gets shoppers the adjustment amount they are owed should an item they purchased drop in price at a later time.


Enjoy Paribus !

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