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Yoga the best gift for yourself

Yoga contributes to the health of the body, soul and spirit. Bring peace to your daily, often hectic life. It makes you stay still even if you opt for a yoga style that makes you move. It makes both your body and mind strong and flexible.

There is no competitive element in yoga. Therefore, being agile is not a requirement to practice. It’s about what’s going on inside and how you feel. You practice yoga at your own pace, it is a personal process that develops slowly. With patience, you will discover that ultimately you grow not only in strength and flexibility, but also in self-knowledge and self-confidence.

In pursuit of optimal health, keep our stress level under control
it is an essential key to achieving our goal.

Although stress is a normal part of daily life and the human body can effectively process it in small doses, it becomes problematic every time we are pushed to the limit.

Excessive stress can have a negative effect on all aspects of your health and your life in general. Make at least one of these quick and easy techniques a daily habit to reduce the impact of stress on your life.

8 tips for less stress in 5 minutes

1. close your eyes

Yes, it is that simple. As soon as you close your eyes, your brain begins to generate soothing and calming alpha brain waves. So sit back comfortably and close your eyes for a few minutes.

2. Sit quietly

Try to find a quiet room, close your eyes and sit in complete silence. Focus on the quality of the silence and how you feel.

3. Get outside

Just a brief moment with the elements of nature can have a profound stress relief effect. Feel the wind or the sun against your skin, listen to the fallen leaves that whisper softly or the birds that whistle happily. Look at the clouds, the sun, the flowers and the trees and enjoy them.

4. Create a task list

Make a list of the things you really should be doing. If you take them out of your head and put them on paper, you will have better control of your mind. Be sure to make a doable list and don’t forget to check them off because that gives you a great feeling!

5. Run a little

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. It increases the production of endorphins, the hormones that relieve pain and give you a feeling of well-being and literally deactivate the stress response system. When stress becomes overwhelming, running as little as 30 seconds can divert your attention from the causes of stress. As you run, imagine that you are draining negative energy, pulling it out of your body and leaving it behind.

6. Breath

Take a moment to breathe slowly and deeply through your nose and from your abdomen, concentrating on the sound of air coming out of your nostrils as you exhale slowly and in a controlled manner. This helps you focus and diverts attention from the stressor.

In addition, slow, deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system and eliminates the stress response.

7. laugh

Regardless of the activity you do, a simple smile on your face helps you relax. Give it a try It doesn’t have to be a real smile, a fake smile will be just as useful. Combine it with some deep breaths and double the benefits.

8. Green happiness

Green color has a relaxing effect on us, make sure you have enough plants in your workplace. Try looking for something natural green like plants indoors or trees outdoors for 1 minute every 20 minutes.

Keeping stress under control is an important part of personal care.
Optimal health is impossible when the body is in a constant state of stress.

Take time every day to relax your mind and body and take advantage of the physical and mental benefits these short stress relief methods can offer.

In the end it turned out that it doesn’t take a long time, you just need a moment to reduce your stress level again. Of course, the rule also applies here, the more you do it, the greater the profit.

Through a unique combination of yoga, meditation, personal transformation and alternative health practices, it helps you improve your whole being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. So that you reach your greatest potential with thousands of people who feel like you.